Welcome to Parkside's Nazarene Mission International (NMI)
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM)

What is NMI?
NMI is the organizational representative of missions for the Church of the Nazarene on the regional, district, and local levels. It serves the promotional, educational, program, and fund-raising arm of missions of the Nazarene Church.

NMI is the organization that “provides the structure and spiritual dynamic for mobilizing the church in mission.”
(Source: NMI Handbook & Constitution)

What is NCM?
As we live out compassion through our vocations, they become more than just jobs — we respond to God’s gracious calling to live a life that is a witness to God’s love and compassion. Such is the motivation of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries’ (NCM’s) work around the world that would not be possible without the thousands of pastors, laity, and missionaries who are saying “Yes!” to God’s work in the world. This “Yes!” is essential to being Christlike disciples to the nations.

Missions Directories reach specific Mission Ministries at Parkside as well as some of these featured ministry resources:

Parkside Church has many avenues to serve in the area of compassionate ministries both locally and abroad.

Nazarene Missions International – Supporting missions efforts to Uganda, New Guinea, through world evangelism offerings and letters of encouragement. Sending team members on short-term missions to orphanages in Baja California and building preschools in Belize along with sharing the Jesus Film.

Auburn Interfaith Food Closet – Parkside partners with the food closet to provide food and supplies in support of the low-income community.

Jesus Film Project – Bringing the Jesus Film to unchurched communities around the world.

How do We Fund World Evangelism?

World Evangelism Fund is the cornerstone of Nazarene Missions. This denominational fund (WEF) is the foundation for discovering, delivering, and resourcing our missions organization around the world.

Every Nazarene church participates in Nazarene Missions through their contributions to World Evangelism giving. World Evangelism giving is essential for Nazarene Missions initiatives to thrive.

Designated Giving is a vehicle for specific Nazarene Missions initiatives. Designated giving (Approved Specials) allows every member to give directly to specific needs within the Nazarene Missions organization as defined by the Church of the Nazarene.

External Giving provides opportunities for partners outside the Church to participate in our mission. External partners are special donors, agencies, and foundations that align with our values and mission. External giving also includes various grants that are sought, prepared, and managed by the Church of the Nazarene on behalf of our missions organization.

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2020 Work & Witness - Parkside Church
& other Sacramento District Churches
Dangriga, Belize

Our Ministry:
Starfish Children’s Outreach is
Building Relationships "One Block at a Time”.

We Believe in the long-term commitment of short-term builder missionaries who commit to returning until a project has been fully completed.

We believe that a local community of believers and friends (us) doing something for their town together is sharing Jesus in a real way.

February 21, 2020 we sent another team back to Dangriga, Belize to continue work on the Nazarene Christian Preschool at the Nazarene church. We have poured foundations and completed first-floor walls. Generous Parksiders contributed $3,800 to help with materials cost for this year’s work.

As usual, along with the physical labor on the project, team members engaged with local church members in ministry outreach that includes:

  • Sewing workshop outreach
  • Children and youth outreach
  • Adult Bible study-mentorship

Worship Team Support: working with the team to service and teach maintenance for guitars we have provided for them.

This was an awesome opportunity for the Parksiders to work with folks from other SacNaz district churches, investing into the development of the Nazarene work, and the community of Dangriga. An additional blessing was the opportunity to build many long-lasting relationships with God’s people there.

A need arose for a new cement mixer and SacNaz team members
contributed an additional $400+  to purchase one for the ministry.